As I start this entry the Post is still closed, and we are all secluded in our homes. I hope that all our members are safe and well. I want to encourage all our members to check on their friends, neighbors and other members, to offer help to those in need of assistance. At times like this, Legionnaires step up to help those less fortunate.  

     As directed by National and Department, all events and meetings have been suspended until the directive is lifted. That includes our upcoming elections. Keep a close eye on our website at for all the latest information on when Post operations can resume. We are posting updates and information there almost daily along with other pertinent information from the Governor and other agencies. This is the fastest way we can deliver the information we have to you without stuffing your inbox. I recommend that you check here often to remain well informed about current events.

     As we all strive to remain safe during the current crises remember that the Legion is here to help veterans, and others, in times of need. So do not hesitate to give us a call.


See you at upcoming events.


For God and Country

Robert Hughes




I hope this finds everyone safe and sound. As you know, we are still closed and do not have an anticipated reopen date as of yet.

National Headquarters has cancelled the annual convention that was to be held in August and they are not going to hold elections. All their current Officers will remain in place until next year. As of this writing there has not been a decision made on our own Post election that were scheduled for May. We will get the word out as soon as a decision is made.

Please do not hesitate to call on me at 321 266-5115 , or any of the other Officers if you need anything. We will all do our very best to assist you.

We will get through this.. TOGETHER !!! Until then....stay safe . See you all soon. God bless.

For God and Country,

Rose Yeary

1st Vice Commander



Well! Here we are, 25 Days Closed. I hope you are all well and not loosing it while at home.. We have been very busy at the Post, getting chores done that would not be able to be completed while open. The Kitchen has been completely Power Washed. The floor has been sealed and ALL Dishes, Pots, Pans, and Utensils have been Washed, Sanitized, and Sealed in Plastic Wrap waiting for a Re-Open Date. The Gas Grill Room has been enclosed to prevent rain from getting in, and plywood has been added to the back screen door along with a heavy duty bolt action lock. All the wiring in the Grill Room has been changed out and brought up to code along with wall switches. All food was Vacuum Sealed back on March 18th and Dated for freshness. The Crew has been fantastic: John and Michelle Abbey ssoured the inside of all the cabinets. Rob Fowler Power Washed the Walls and Floors. Jim Davidson helped with general clean-up and organizing. I cleaned and organized all equipment, re-wired and enclosed the grill room, and the Fryers have been Power Washed and Oil changed. 

On Wednesday, April 15, Brian Bergeron and others will be Applying Wood Sealer on all the Wood Surfaces outside in the East Wing. Ron Reese, Jim Davidson, and I took up the Old Floor Tiles from behind the Bar. The NEW Floor is now installed. There are pictures of ALL these activities on page one of the Web Site:

Check the Web Site daily as I Update it every morning between 4:30 and 9 am.

If there is anyone in need of anything, get in touch so we can see if there is some way for us to help you.


For God and Country

Arthur E. Loretti Jr.

2nd Vice/Kitchen Manager


As I write this note, it is my hope that all our members are doing well and am saddened by the loss of Wayne’s wife Pearl. Wayne and his family are in Kathy and my prayers. These have been very tough and sad times with the loss of so many through Florida and the country. We can only hope that this virus will come to an end soon, and hopefully we are prepared for its possible return. We need to be grateful to all those who kept working to ensure we had food to buy, kept us safe, and offered medical attention if needed. Still I keep sight of the fact we’ll all come through this, maybe a little chubbier from no exercise, our wine racks will be a lot emptier, and our hair may be a little longer (for those that have it). Hopefully, we will all be able to get back to a normal life whatever that may be in the future. I look forward to seeing all of our Post 163 family back at the post, laughing and joking soon.

Best Wishes

Nick Amendola

3rd Vice